Segemented Bowls

Segemented Bowls are made by taking perfectly fine wood cut it into strips, cut the strips into pie shaped pieces, glue them to shape rings and then stack and glue the rings to form Blanks. It is a lot of pieces and work but the benefit are beautiful designs and far less waste.
Maple and assorted hardwoods 
Salad Bowl
10 1/2" diameter by 4"
Walnut, Yellowheart and Jarrah 
Salad Bowl
10" diameter by 5"
Yellowheart, Jarrah and Walnut
Salad Bowl
10"diameter by 5"
Yellowheart, Maple, Lacewood and Purpleheart  Salad Bowl
11" diameter by 5"
Jarrah and assorted hardwoods
12' diameter by 4"
Walnut, Jarrah, Purpleheart, Yellowheart and Wenge
Display Vase
11" diameter by 6"