Lamps and lights

I have built lamps with turnings, stain glass, rice paper and even my own water color paintings. Here are some examples. Some prices are shown
Yellowheart and Jarrah Kitchen Chandeleer
  The cups and wheel base are all segmented turning.
Floor Lamp
 This lamp was turned with segmented sections made of Jarrah and Maple. Floor lamps range in price $350.00 to $650.00
Yellowheart, Purpleheart, Walnut, and Wenge Table Lamp
Wenge, Yellowheart and Jarrah Table Lamp
Jarrah and Maple Table Lamp
 These segmented lamps are made of a series of rings stack glued and then turned on a lathe. 250 pieces is not uncommon for these lamps.
Segmented Turned Table Lamp
  The turning is made of Maple and Jarrah. 
Cherry Wall Sconce
  Wall lights can be hardwired into wall or can be plug into a wall socket. The switch is hidden in the column.
This lamp is hardwired into the wall
This lamp plugs into the wall
Ceiling Lamp
This lamp was made  with the collaboration or a stain glass artist. The frame is Mahogany.
Lamp shade with water color scene and Mahogany
Lamp shade made with water color scene and Mahogany
Table Lamp
  This lamp is a smaller version of the one below and both were custom made for a client.
Floor lamp made with Lacewood, Jarrah and Wenge.
Mahogany and Copper Floor Lamp
  The shade is made of Mahogany and rice paper.