Diningroom Table Sets and Desks

Most of these are commissioned works produced for specific needs so some prices are not included. But please feel free to inquire about specific prices for your project.

Maple Dining Table 60" diameter, 30" tall set in Bay window seating arrangement. 
Drop leaf Kitchen table made of Maple and Wenge. 39" diameter, 30" tall.
The set has four chairs. 
 Table --------------------$1,200.00
Chairs-------------------$750.00/ chair
Wenge and Maple Kitchen Chair
 The seat is faux leather and the back are curved for lower back support. They are very comfortable.---------$750.00/ chair
The rails of the chair are dovetailed into the legs for strength and appearance.
Cherry Trestle leg Dining Table
  This table was designed from a smaller antique. Now the owner has both and room for more around this replica.
The owner bought six chairs for this setting but it could hold two more seats. 
Cherry and Wenge Trestle leg Dining Set
The two tones compliment the design that is very simple and clean.
Wenge and Cherry Chair
The back legs and back are one piece and attached to the rails with mortice and tenon. the front legs come through the top of the seat as a tenon.
White Oak trestle leg Table with several hardwood accents.
This table has two extension leaves that fold and tuck away under the ends.
There are eight chairs in this set. They are made of white oak and the backs are made with four different hardwoods. Two chairs have lacewood backs, two have zebra wood backs, two have wedge backs and two have rosewood backs. 
Office Desk
The desk features a center slide out shelf for a keyboard and above that a slide out leather writing shelf. The top is Oak and Leather panels. The drawers and side panels are Lacewood. 
Birdseye Walnut and English Oak Writing desk. I found a very rare form of walnut with a birdseye figure. The oak ends are joined with a bread board joint, mortice and tenon.
The desk has two end drawers and a hidden drawer for a laptop.
Mission Style Office Desk
  This is a large 50"x 30" top. It is made of Oak and Wenge.
Half blind dovetails are used in the drawers and the pulls are custom turned.